The End of the 21st Century
Humanity succeeded in creating what became known as “magic” essentially a source of limitless power. But though mankind had discovered the path leading to true wisdom, it was unable to renounce its foolish and destructive ways. What was intended to help, nurture, and promote world peace was instead corrupted and used for war. It was during these trying times that a scientist known only as “That Man” conducted forbidden experiments on someone known as Frederick, who would later be known as Sol Badguy, turning him into the first of the living weapons known as Gears. Those in power, seeing that these new weapons could be used to ensure their continued hold on that power, created Gears in great numbers—their goal was nothing less than world domination. Although GEARs were originally human, after their transformation they possessed no free will of their own…except for one. This Gear, Justice, took control of her fellow weapons and declared war on all of humanity. It was this action that began what was soon called the Crusades, a century-long war pitting mankind against the weapons they had created.

The End of the Crusades
In a last, desperate attempt to prevent complete annihilation, the forces of humanity formed the Sacred Order of Holy Knights, an army that specialized in the extermination of Gears. It was due to their efforts that the tide of war turned, and the Gears were slowly pushed back. In the year 2175, Justice—the one responsible for the world’s descent into chaos and horror—was finally defeated and sealed away. Then, at last, the Crusades came to an end with humanity emerging victorious, though only just barely.


It was only five years later that Justice’s prison proved much less permanent than the world had hoped, when she was released and resurrected by an unknown party. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the U.N. began recruiting for a 2nd Sacred Order of Holy Knights. Among those who came to participate in the tournament being held to screen potential volunteers was Sol. Sensing an ulterior motive behind the tournament, Sol took it upon himself to not only to defeat Justice once and for all, but to unravel the true intentions behind the U.N.’s tournament…and become its champion as well.


One Year After the Destruction of Justice
The world was informed that a Gear had appeared who claimed to be an ally of humankind. Ky, now a member of the International Police Force, was dispatched to investigate those responsible for the announcement. Upon entering the forest of demons, an area believed to be the home of the last remaining Gears, Ky found Dizzy, a young half-Gear woman. Despite his best efforts, Ky was defeated by Dizzy and her overwhelming strength. As a result, a huge reward was offered for her capture, making her a prime target for bounty hunters everywhere. She was eventually defeated by Sol, who for some reason chose to let her live.


2186 A.D
Ky ascended to the throne of the United Kingdoms of Illyria, a powerful federation of nations that dominated the European continent. Not long after claiming the throne, a mysterious force led by a young woman known only as Valentine attacked the capital city of Illyria. Around the same time, parts of her army also attacked Sol. After fighting them off, Sol made his way to Illyria to reinforce Ky’s army, at Ky’s request. Together, they were able to repel Valentine’s army, but the capital was virtually annihilated in the process. Afterwards, Sol pursued Valentine into another dimension known as the Backyard, where he eventually defeated her.


To prepare for the second coming of Valentine’s forces, Sol embarked upon a journey to collect the sacred treasures known collectively as the Outrage—eight powerful weapons he had created. Sol soon discovered that one of them, the Flashing Fang, was being held under tight security inside a UN facility known as Harden Fort. With the help of Sin, the child Sol was charged with rearing, Sol managed to fight his way into the facility. Once there, however, he ran into Baldias, a member of the Conclave. Sol learned that the governments of the world were actually under the control of the rather small Conclave. After a tremendous battle, Sol was able to defeat Baldias and regain possession of the Flashing Fang.


Sol was in the process of chasing down the other sacred treasures when here received a message from Ky. In it, Ky told him that someone by the name of Ramlethal Valentine had declared war on all of humanity. Sol reluctantly put his quest on hold and headed off to face this new Valentine. However, Ramlethal’s declaration of war was a diversion. A flying object known as the “Cradle” suddenly appeared, to wipe out the people from the city of Babylon. Ky took measures against the collapse of Babylon which had become a major global incident.

On top of resisting many times, he was successful in destroying the “Cradle,” however, what emerged from within the “Cradle” was none other than Justice, the Gear which had once waged the Crusades which brought humanity to the brink of extinction. The Conclave was confirmed to be the mastermind. Because Sin was able to open Ramlethal’s heart through repeated communication, Justice’s destination was established. At the final destination, “Illyria Castle,” the decisive battle with Justice occurred and Sol emerged victorious. Elphelt then awakens, and begins to carry out her original mission, now devoid of emotions. In response to Sol’s desperate cries, Elphelt regained her emotions, but was taken away by the true mastermind.