Engage in all 8 matches with CPU characters while enjoying the story of the Arcade version of Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-. You complete the mode when you win all battles, followed by the ending.


Engage in matches against another player or CPU offline. Matches can be customized with BGM and stage of your choice.


A single player mode where you collect medals by completing stages of each CPU. You can customize your characters using medals you have collected.



A mode where you can learn the basic controls of the game. Jack-O’ will walk you throuh every step of the way. Start here when in doubt!


Challenge a mission specific for each character. You can perform various things from how to release special attack moves to practical combos.


Practice basic controls and combos for your character. Choose a character you control as well as your opponent. This mode allows you to simulate several situations in the context of battle.



There are three ways to enjoy ONLINE: “Lobby” where you can engage in multi-player battle/interactions with other players, “Ranked Match” where your scores/results are reflected in the ranking as well as “Player Match” where you can invite your friends.


You can casually enjoy matches against other GG players from all over the world while interacting with them through text chat. Each lobby can contain up to 64 players and you can choose a lobby designated to the area you reside in.

What you can do in Lobby:

  • Access the Main Menu
  • Have matches in the lobby
  • Participate in a Ranked Match
  • Participate in a Player Match
  • Fish items
  • View Ranking
  • View members (View R-Code, download replay data)
  • Make your Lobby Avatar express emotions
  • Text chat
  • …and much more!


A serious match where you fight another player under the standard set of regulations to put your skills to the test. Match results get reflected in the ranking. Replay data of matches you have won where your rank or level has improved in Ranked Match will automatically be uploaded onto the server. *Rank will change.


Create a room set upon a set of regulations of your choice to enjoy engaging in matches as well as watching others’ matches while interacting with others through the voice chat and text chat. Each room can contain up to 8 players and you can invite your friends to the room as well. Match results won’t be reflected in the ranking. *Grade will not change.


In STORY, the continuation of the story will develop in “EPISODE.” For this purpose, it is recommended to play “EPISODE” first. STORY will automatically progress the story. If you want to change settings, press the OPTIONS button to open the Pause Menu.


Manage and replay recorded data (replay data) of matches. Matches from Versus Mode as well as online can be saved as replay data. You can also view replay data of other players through Ranking by viewing their R-Code.


By spending “W$” (World Dollar), you can fish a variety of items. You can enjoying fishing in the online lobby and also from COLLECTION → FISHING.